8 Tips to Boost Your Conversion of Internet and Phone Opportunities

Tips to Boost your Conversion of Internet AND Phone Opportunities

The most important thing in lead management is voice to voice contact. Regardless of whether your sales or BDC staff starts out with a call, emails, or texting, the ultimate goal of each of those is to establish rapport on the phone and sell the appointment.

Here are 6 tips for your team to take the fast road to an appointment once they have that all important voice to voice contact:

  1.     Pay attention to the ad source. Approach an inbound or outbound opportunity with relevance and it gives credibility to what the customer heard or saw that led them to reach out.

  2.     Read the comments in an internet lead. Make sure any concerns are addressed.

  3.     Have your CRM provider turn on whispers for all inbound recorded lines so your staff hears the ad source before they greet the caller. Then, they acknowledge the source, and go for the appointment.

  4.     Announce yourself; so the customer knows who you are and that you are someone they want to speak with. Then, address the customer by name. Don’t open any conversation with “is this (customer name)?” Additionally, never ask if they are still in the market. If THEY tell you that they are not in the market, dig to learn why not.

  5.     Assume the Appointment. We sell appointments, they called us because we have what they need.  Ask for the appointment early and often in the conversation. If at first you don’t succeed, try until you get it.

  6.     Identify, don’t pre-qualify. Whether your identifying question is regarding your financing programs or something else, ask it early to identify the person as prime or sub-prime, but don’t pre-qualify.

  7.     K.I.S.S. Keep It Short and Sweet. Don’t answer questions that are not asked. Sell the appointment and get off the phone. Period.

  8.     If you do not appoint in 5 minutes, turn over the call to someone else LIVE to close it!!

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