Not all angels have wings - some of us wear headsets!!!!


With our collective thirty plus years in the automotive industry, we at BDC Angels look to continue building on the dealership and vendor relationships, strengthening, sharpening the skills for dealerships from the BDC or internet department to the sales, marketing, and service departments.

How Can We Help You

BDC Consulting

Sales or Service BDC, installation of new BDC or new process.  Customize your journey to fit the needs of your dealership.

Virtual BDC

Take the worry out of internet lead management from response time to appointments that show. We will manage your leads and your process.

Phone Skills

Inbound and outbound phone skills training for everyone who answers your dealerships phone calls.

Ringless Voicemail

With a minimal investment and maximum return, add ringless voicemail campaigns to SUPERcharge the ROI on ALL current marketing campaigns AND data mining. BEST open rate of the industry, HIGH engagement. Click here for a free trial

Performance Management

Accountability is key for the best performance from your BDC and internet sales staff.  We provide CRM process review, call review, and data review/analysis/reporting.


Staffing for onsite and remote BDC positions. With different levels of engagement, we screen applicants for all departments and set up qualified candidate interviews at the dealership.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Some Of Our Partners

Soar To New Heights With BDC Angels

We truly believe that the BDC is the heart of the dealership.  Without proper training and, just as important, coaching and accountability after the training, a BDC will not reach its potential and maintain the performance that allows it to drive traffic into the dealership, whether it be the showroom or the service department.  Whether you want your BDC onsite or offsite we offer solution options for you and help you to determine which best suits your store.

Find out today how we can design your team’s custom journey with BDC Angels. Never a cookie cutter approach, together we will create and execute a plan that best meets the needs of YOUR company. Email us at or call us at 423.225.6767.